What is CSP?

What's the Cchatty Services Points (CSP)?

Cchatty Service Points are displayed in USD and used to pay for teachers and pay for courseware. You can purchase CSP with your credit card (Visa, Mastercard), Paypal, Alipay, Stripe, and other forms of payment. 

1 CSP = 1 USD.

How do I use Cchatty Service Points (CSP) ?

You use your Cchatty Service Points whenever you need to make a purchase through the website, whether you want to learn online courses or download the courseware in Cchatty.

You can view your CSP in your Finance Account when you log in to your Cchatty account. Here, you will see a Total Balance and an Available Balance.  When you request a session with a teacher, the CSP for that lesson is deducted from your Available Balance, but it is not deducted from your Total Balance until you confirm that the session has been completed and that you are satisfied with the class. If there is a problem and you receive a refund, then the CSP will be returned to your Available Balance and can be used again to request another session.

Cchatty 服务点(CSP)是什么?


1个服务点CSP= 1美元(≈6元人民币)



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