Schedule with a teacher?

Before we schedule a lesson, we need to pick the type of teacher: A Professional Teacher or a Community Tutor, according to our learning goals. And then follow these steps below:

1, Discuss with teachers and select one that fit your learning styles;

2, We need to be purchased Cchatty Service Points (CSP) to pay our learning fee;

3, Check the Teacher's Availability Schedule and book&pay their time. We could write a specific message to the teacher about this lesson and schedule, to double confirm with them;

4,  Once the teacher confirmed our lesson request, the lesson is officially scheduled!

5, Before the lesson, the teacher may share the course outline in cchatty system, we can discuss with teacher whether we need the outline (display on our Dashboard);

6, Start our lesson;

7, Confirm our lesson after completed, only we confirmed the completion, the teacher can receive the payment;

8, And feedback to teacher, to let all of us know your feeling about the lesson and teacher.

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